Twin & Earth or 6242Y range is one of the most common types of Cable

used in domestic and commercial wiring environments. Generally,

known as a Fixed Installation cable providing power to lighting ring

circuits, plug sockets and switches in dry or damp premises on walls,

boards or trays, in channels, trunking or embedded in plaster.


Twin & Earth is designed to be installed in a fixed position, fastened to a support or applied in a specific location and are generally not suitable for mobile/ static equipment.

Our fixed Installation wiring cable range are manufactured and provided in accordance with British and International Standards and majority in this range hold BASEC certification. Non Basec range is also available upon request without compromising on Quality. 

6242Y is a flat PVC insulated and sheathed low voltage wiring cable typically used for small power and lighting applications. Two cores with bare CPC KEY APPLICATIONS Suitable for fixed installation in industrial, commercial and domestic premises, installation in walls, on boards, in conduit, trunking or embedded in plaster for small power and lighting applications FEATURES AND BENEFITS Ideal for ring and radial circuits Ideal for lighting and switching circuits. Easy to strip and manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality management systems.

Twin and Earth cable is not designed to withstand significant mechanical abuse. It should not be installed in areas where it could be subject to abrasion or blows without additional mechanical protection. It must be installed so that it is physically supported at regular intervals. It is not suitable for overhead catenary use.

Twin and Earth cable is normally made with PVC sheathing and insulation, which has an almost indefinite life in the right conditions. However UV light will cause it to fail, so Twin and Earth is not suitable for use outdoors.

It has a temperature rating of 70 °C, including the temperature rise from resistive heating in the cable.

PVC gives off hazardous smoke when burned. National standards for electrical wiring prohibit PVC cables in locations where this is a particular risk, such as fire escape routes.


A particularly risk with PVC cable occurs when it comes into contact with expanded polystyrene insulation, either in rigid panels or as loose beads. 


Some Twin and Earth cable manufactured in the late 1960s and early 1970s had a deficiency in its manufacture which over time results in the production of a green conductive slime.



6242Y BS 6004 Twin & Earth PVC (White Sheath)



6242Y BS 6004 Twin & Earth PVC

6243Y BS 6004 Three Core & Earth PVC


6242B BS 7211 Twin & Earth LSOH


6243B BS 6004 Three Core & Earth LSOH

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