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Search for our Cable range by Standard, Type, Industry and Country. We have a comprehensive portfolio of Accessories to offer complete cable management solutions. All cables are produced and supplied  in accordance to the relevant British, European, International and Industry standards. Access our library of Technical specifications to ensure the required Cables are suitable for the intended application.  For support, contact our experienced Sales & Technical team :

Featured Range

BS 6004

BS 5467

 BS 6387

AS/NZS 1802 

ICEA S-75-381

BS EN 50525-2-31

VDE 0250 Part 815

BS 6500

BS 7211

BS 6724


IEC EN 60304

ICEA S-75-381/  NEMA WC-58

BS EN 50525-2-21  H07RN-F

 BS 7629-1

 BS 7835

 BS 7629-1

British Standard Cables

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